"Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake"
Season 3, Episode
Production Code: 1008-058
Airdate: September 5, 2011Template:Citation needed
Written &
Storyboarded by:
Adam Muto
Rebecca Sugar
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"Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake" is an upcoming episode of season three of Adventure Time.

Synopsis and Episode Preview

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In this gender-swapped episode, Fionna and Cake must battle the evil Ice Queen.




Opening sequence & Episode Preview

File:A T W F.png

This episode features a modified version of the Adventure Time Theme Song, sung by Natasha Allegri instead of Pendleton Ward. The sequence is identical to the regular version, although all the characters are replaced by their gender-swapped counterparts.

Aside from the main characters, all the Candy People (including Lollipop Girl and Mr. Cupcake) and Tree Trunks have had their genders reversed. Where Gingerbread Muto usually appears on the castle balcony, a Gingerbread Rebecca Sugar can be seen instead, which is appropriate because Adam Muto and Rebecca Sugar were the storyboard artists for this episode.[1] Note that Beemo appears the same, supporting the fact that Beemo has no gender.

Opening sequence screenshots


  • It has been confirmed that Fionna will be voiced by Madeliene Martin, Cake by Roz Ryan, Prince Gumball by Neil Patrick Harris, Marshall Lee by Arthur Kade and Ice Queen by Grey DeLisle.[2]
  • Along with "Door Jam" this was the only episode that had a slight part of its storyboard revealed before the season three promo.
  • In this episode, Prince Gumball looks 18 years old even though Princess Bubblegum is now 13 years old. But it is said in Natasha's formspring that she made Fionna and Gumball before the decision of making her young.


Exactly where this episode fits in with Adventure Time canon is unknown. Several ideas have been brought up:

  • It takes place in an alternate dimension & therefore is non-canonical.
  • It takes place before or after the main series.
  • It takes place in the same dimension, but on a different continent, increasing the chances of a meeting between Finn & Fionna greatly.



Characters and Props

Storyboard Pieces


  1. Adam Muto confirms Gingerbread Sugar sighting